Our Team KARMA was founded after the German Nationals 2012.


The special attention of our team is related to our Center Inside Claudia Breidbach which was born without a left hand and takes the 4way grips with a special prosthesis.


Especially for our Center Inside Claudia it was a long hard way to find a team because she was always confronted with prejudice that she not fits into 4Way Skydiving with only one natural hand.


So we came togehter and want to show not only to the skydiving community that it is possible for us to be highly competitive in the same competition class with all other "normal" teams despite the fact that one team member is disabled.


To fulfill our goal we have to pay attention to certain flying skills even more than "normal" teams:


  • We have to consider the limited options for launching complete formations from the jump plane
  • We have to fly with special attention to clean and smooth performance
  • The formations need to be in good shape, as one not existing grip connections is vulnerable to tension
  • We have to present carefully our grips so that Claudia can take her grip and the team can score


There are and have been other 4way teams with handicapped team members (Sebastian 4L in the USA, Trans4mers in the United Kingdom), however, taking grips and flying pieces with only one natural hand is a special challenge that we have proudly taken on.

But we see the additional challenges as an advantage, as we have to fly even more accurately.


We as a team didn't step back because of the obstacle and we as a team demonstrate the values of tenacity, courage and triumph over adversity.

 Team Karma


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